Turn your dream into an eBook and an entire new world opens to you!

eBooks are the future of publishing. Once your eBook has been created and placed in distribution, there are literally no costs to get them to the reader. Schools are opting for eBooks for textbooks. The public is buying eReaders in record numbers.
eBooks are the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry. eBook sales in fiction rose 42 percent over the year before, to $1.8 billion. Growth in nonfiction e-book sales was smaller, a 22 percent increase, to $484.2 million. E-book sales in the children’s and young-adult categories increased 117 percent, to $469.2 million. (source: NY Times, May 13, 2013)
We create eBooks in all the popular formats. EPUB is used by 99 percent of all eBook retailers such as Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Sony. Amazon.com's proprietary MOBI format is also available and uploaded for you at no additional cost for their Kindle line of eReaders.
Through our relationship with Ingram, the world's largest distributor of eBooks we are able to make your eBook available to the largest list of eRetailers all over the globe. To the right is a growing list of this eBook distribution network.
There is good news and not so good news surrounding this new and exploding market segment.  The not-so-good news is that there are conversion programs that cost little to nothing and promise to turn your Microsoft Word manuscript into a high-quality eBook.
This simply is not true. These books are sub-par, low quality, and filled with issues that get them rejected from many eBook retailers, so your reader never sees your story. High-quality distribution networks will not place low-quality eBooks into distribution no matter how well written the story. And, they have tests that validate a book's technical quality after the book is uploaded to their website. And, unless your a technical guru, you'll never figure out the how and why of getting your eBook accepted.
The good news, great news actually, is that we do not use any of these programs and you do not need to know a thing about the technical end of creating a quality eBook.
For a crash course in eBooks, first understand that a digital book is literally an html website inside, and as such has requirements unique to eReader devices that desktop computer browsers do not require.
To meet these rigorous standards, we first create your eBook from industry leader Adobe InDesign software, then "crack open" the eBook  into it's HTML files to add missing metadata, and test for compliance to eReader specifications. Then we reassemble your eBook, and test it on all major eReader devices. This is our in-house assurance of quality and acceptance completed before we upload your eBook into our distribution network.
In the rare case we missed a requirement, we then quickly correct our error and re-upload the eBook at no additional cost to you.
Our work is guaranteed to be accepted by all retailers in our distribution network.

Online Retail Partners

Retailer Name Consumer Specialty Country
A Book Company LLC (eCampus.com) Textbooks US
All Romance eBooks Trade US
Amazon Kindle** Trade US
Apple® Trade US
Artech House Technical Manuals US
Asia Books Trade Thailand
Baker & Taylor Trade US
Barnes & Noble Nook Trade US
Better World Books (Qumpus, Inc.) Trade US
Bilbary Trade UK
Blinkbox Books—formerly GoSpoken/Mobcast Trade UK
BOL.com Trade Netherlands
Bookshop Krisostomus Trade Estonia
Booktopia Trade Australia
Campus eBooks Educational Denmark
Completebook.com Trade US
Coresourse Fullment Trade Worldwide
Covenant Christian US
DEA Media Group Trade Italy
Disal Books Trade Brazil
DMC Trade US
Early Access, Inc. dba: eBookPIe.com Trade US
eBookMall Trade US
eBookShop Trade South Africa
eReatah Trade US
FeedBooks Trade France
Fishpond Trade New Zealand/Australia
For-Side.com Trade Japan
Gardners Trade UK
Hastings Trade US
Infibeam Trade India
Kalahari.net Trade South Africa
Kobo Books Trade Canada
Libri.de Internet GmbH Trade Germany
Lybrary.com Trade US
Majesty Media Christian Canada
Mardel, Inc. Christian US
MBS Books Textbooks US
Mediander; Trade US
Mobile Systems, Inc. Trade US
MobiLire Trade US
Mogul View Media Trade Switzerland
MPH Online Trade Malaysia
Off World Books Trade US
Online Book Place Trade India
Oyster Books Trade US
Paddie Trade UK
Page Foundry Trade US
Parable Christian US
Prints India Trade India
QBend LLC Trade India
Rethink Books/Bookshout! Trade US
Repro India Trade India
Riidr Trade Denmark
Sainsbury's—formerly Anobii Trade UK
Saraiva e Siciliano Trade Brazil
SBS Special Book Services Trade Brazil
SHOP.CA Trade Canada
Sony Trade US
Suomalainen Trade Finland;
Txtr Trade Germany
Tookbook Trade Croatia
Tradebit Trade Germany
TreeFree Mobile Trade US
VitalSource Trade US
WaveCloud Trade US
Webster Trade US
XAMOnline Textbooks US

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