7 Reasons Why I'm the right publisher for you!

In 2008 I finished my first book and began to look for a publisher. Traditional publishers were the stone wall that many a book is written to help authors overcome—and a luck few actually do. I didn't have the patience nor the inclination to listen to "No" one hundred times. What I did have was the skill to publish the book myself.  However, what I wanted was for someone else to edit the story, typeset the book, and design the book's cover for me. So, I looked to the self-publishing industry. It wasn't a fun experience.


Not all self-publishing stories are nightmare stories. My story wasn't a nightmare story, but it was a confusion filled with sales hype, pricing smoke and mirrors, contracts, and excessive minimum copy requirements. The "teaser" price the self-publisher used to get my contact information was just that—a tease. The real price was triple that or more, and I had to pull teeth to get a real price. By then I didn't trust that price either.


I designed and published my book myself. Then, I ran into the marketing hurdles that everyone encounters. I was prepared for this, but I wasn't prepared for the number of authors I met at trade shows and events that had paid $6,000-$10,000 to publish their book and—honestly—many books weren't that well done.  I listened to the rest of the self-publishing story, the part I avoided. Cost issues, contract issues,  information blackouts, cartons and cartons of unsold books, and more. They were envious of my having published my book myself, and that made me sad. No one should have their publishing dream turn into a publishing nightmare.


I decided to do something about this problem. To offer a fixed price that didn't change, no contract to bind and steal with fine print, and a process that kept authors intimately in the loop throughout the editing, typesetting, and cover design of their manuscript so that they could enjoy the excitement I enjoyed in giving birth to my dream.


If an author wanted their own ISBN, no problem. If the author wanted the book's art to move to another publisher after the book was finished, I'd help with that too. Whatever the challenge, whatever the issue, I was going to be here to help every author be as successful as they could be. My clients were going to be bound to me not with contract fine print, but with the best service, and the most value that existed anywhere.  My authors would be "free", unfettered to follow their own path. What came from that decision was Freedom Road Publishing.


You've read the customer reviews on the Home Page. Now, hear it from me. You "Dared To Dream". Now, let's make your dream come true!

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